Mountains of Misery & Wilderness Road Ride
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Cyclist Conquers Fear — And Deer

Blacksburg cyclist and sculptor Bill Johnson suffered a terrible crash in the 2007 Mountains of Misery, when he collided with a deer. After a tremendous recovery, he’s back to ride in 2008. A shrine in his backyard helped him make peace with the deer, and conquer his fear. The Roanoke Times tells the story.

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1 Randy Schultz { 12.19.09 at 8:31 pm }

Hi Bill;

Am glad to happen on this site to see that you recovered and rode in 2008. I have told your flying deer story to several folks over the years. My riding partner Brian and I will be there in 2010.

I was behind you some distance in 2007, got to about 200 yards short of the ambulance that was picking you up; when the rider in front of me took a hard left, caught my front wheel and I went down hard. Cracked my helmet, broke my mirror, wounds limited to 2″ diameter skin extraction from the right knee, 3″ skin extraction from the upper back on the right shoulder, 2 smaller nicks on my right shin and a deep gouge on my right hand at the small finger knuckle. The other rider did not go down and did come back to see if I was ok. I sent him on his way as a volunteer had stopped to help me pick things up and get back in the saddle. Finished the next 88 miles for the Century ride and then washed off the tarmac creative artwork. It was only then that I fully realized why no one chose to ride with me for those 88 miles. It was not a pretty sight, and they probably suspected that I made it a habit to hug the pavement at any given time.

Am looking forward to the double metric this coming Memorial Day. Ride Hard-Ride Fast- Ride to Win!
Very Best Regards, Randy

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