Mountains of Misery & Wilderness Road Ride
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2009 Mountains of Misery Finish Times

Congratulations to everyone for a great Mountains of Misery in 2009! There are some excellent times posted below, with many personal bests. (Remember, MoM is not a race!) Out of 442 riders who started, 400 finished — 345 in the century, and 55 in the double metric. It was a safe ride too, with no injuries reported.

Click the tabs on the spreadsheet below to find your times. Hover over the tiny arrowheads to scroll the tabs sideways. The first tab, “Finish,” is when each rider crossed the finish line, uncorrected for start wave. The rest should be self-explanitory.


1 James Harvey { 05.27.09 at 2:24 pm }

I thought the race was well run as always, and I thank you. I thought, however, the multi-wave start, not by ability made it difficult to find a group of similar speed to ride with. I would start everyone expecting to finish under 6:30 in the first wave, and then move to expected times after that. Thanks again.

2 Ginnie Grevett { 05.27.09 at 4:06 pm }

Thanks to everyone for another well-organised ride. And the volunteers were so cheerful (even if I wasn’t!). The 58-mile ride was great, too.

3 Michael Schlitzer { 05.27.09 at 4:59 pm }

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, that’s for sure. The new start procedure did reduce the overall times, but it did result in a smaller peloton at the front, which I think was the purpose.

Thanks to the town and the volunteers for letting us hold this event again this year. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

4 Carl Phelps { 05.28.09 at 12:11 pm }

What a well run event!! As this was my first attempt, I am happy to say I made it. I will agree with the comment above, start in waves, but line up according to a planned finish time. Maybe you could have people put down their planned finish time and assign waves/groups for the start. My only other suggestion is to move the first rest stop away from the bottom ofthe hill. I was on cruise and taking advantage of gravity when it suddenly appeared.
Again, a WELL DONE is deserved by all!!

5 Michael Smith { 05.28.09 at 4:57 pm }

For the last three years I have been wanting to ride MOM and finally was able to this time around. Hopefully I will not have to wait as long to ride it again. Since I am from the flatlands of Virginia Beach I took advantage of the WRR (58 miles) the day prior and enjoyed the casual ride. It was a great weekend of cycling. Both events were absolutely well supported in all manners and set the standard. I only wish our local community could do the same.

6 Mike { 06.02.09 at 10:33 am }

I ended up liking the wave start. I think most people gravitated to the wave best suited for them in that it looks like most of the faster finishers were in the 1,2,3 waves with a few exceptions and the later finishers in the later waves with a few exceptions. I had a great group to ride with all day. I’m still looking for my shirt though….

7 Ken Jost { 06.15.09 at 10:11 pm }

Another terrific year, with decent weather to boot! The volunteers as always were terrific on both Saturday and Sunday, and I enjoyed finding some of Saturday’s volunteers on the road Sunday. Hammer Gel from start to finish, and potatoes later in the ride, were great for energy. The wave start as it was worked well — don’t try to fine tune it to death! I led out the second wave, only to see it blow past me a while later — it was all good and soon enough I was among the folks going my speed. And having cold water dumped on me as I crawled past the last rest area brought me back to life. What a ride!

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